Our family recently settled a

by wormingtonlega

Our family recently settled a wrongful death lawsuit and got justice for the very painful and heartbreaking loss of a deeply loved family member. We had several attorneys decline the case with excuses that we simply would not accept. The case was not going to be easy, and we knew that. But for our family, giving up was never an option. Through a referral, we found Maria Wormington. Maria not only rose to meet the challenge, she was able to negotiate a large settlement offer for our family. Maria and her staff were very dedicated to our cause and empathetic to the enormous pain of losing our family member. The staff was always willing to quickly answer questions and provided detailed updates throughout every phase. Maria was impressively very experienced in her understanding of medical practices and procedures, and an expert in the rules of law. No box was left unchecked. Her deep passion and fearless instinct to fight for justice is what every family deserves in an attorney. Maria believed in our case, and had the courage to go the distance for our sweet girl. “A ship is safe at harbor, but that’s not what ships are built for.” Thank you, Maria.

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