Let us fight for you!

We have over 80 years of experience


Let us fight for you!

We have over 80 years of experience

Let us fight for you!

We have over 80 years of experience

Let us fight for you!

We have over 80 years of experience

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Why You Should Trust Us

Wormington & Bollinger is a nationwide law firm with experienced and dedicated attorneys who represent clients in cases of medical negligence and malpractice, personal injury, auto collisions, dangerous drugs, and faulty medical devices.
Wormington & Bollinger is headquartered in McKinney, Texas with offices in Dallas, Albuquerque, and Tampa. We serve clients locally across the North Texas and DFW areas, throughout New Mexico, as well as across the nation. Wherever you’re located, the team at Wormington & Bollinger is ready to fight on your behalf.



We provide free consultations and contingency fee representation. You never pay us unless we win.
We have a team of attorneys and experts with exceptional backgrounds and experience.
We treat each client like family and believe in taking the time to understand every part of your case.

Practice Areas

$2,500,000 Medical Device
$1,750,000 Pharmaceutical
$1,100,000 Medical Malpractice
$1,000,000 Medication Error
$1,300,000 Birth Injury
$2,050,000 Trucking
$1,375,000 Trucking
$3,125,000 Pharmaceutical
$1,350,000 Pharmaceutical
$3,000,000 Pharmaceutical
$1,100,000 Pharmaceutical
$1,000,000 Pharmaceutical
$2,000,000 Pharmaceutical
$2,000,000 Medical Malpractice
$1,500,000 Birth Injury
$1,250,000 Auto Liability
$2,000,000 Trucking Liability
$1,700,000 Pharmaceutical
$1,500,000 Retroperitoneal Hematoma


When you contact us, you will receive a free legal consultation that will help you understand your options.

    At Wormington & Bollinger, we believe you should have the best legal representation possible. Whether you have been the victim of a medical error, suffered an injury from a dangerous product, or have a business or contractual dispute, our legal team is here to help you find justice, compensation and the peace and closure you desire.

    Our attorneys have unique and exceptional backgrounds in a wide range of legal areas, and each of our experienced lawyers is deeply passionate about their clients and areas of expertise. Combining big-city experience with small-town attitude and commitment to each and every client, we work with respect, dignity, and professionalism to understand and forcefully litigate each of our cases.

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    Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases
    14th May, 2024
    Our legal team has helped with many different types of personal injury cases over the years. While each case is unique, they often fall into the same categories – with similarities in the way the cases should be handled to optimize available compensation. Personal injury means that an accident occurred and caused injury, with another person or entity being held responsible (or liable) for the injuries. Personal...
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    Wormington & Bollinger is headquartered in McKinney, Texas

    We serve clients locally across the North Texas and DFW areas, as well as nationally in major cities all across the United States. Wherever you’re located, the team at Wormington & Bollinger is dedicated to understanding your unique circumstances and fighting on your behalf.
    • A Lawyer will answer your calls and emails
    • You’ll be informed about your case every step of the way
    • You’ll be treated with compassion and respect

    Our family recently settled a wrongful death lawsuit and got justice for the very painful and heartbreaking loss of a deeply loved family member. We had several attorneys decline the case with excuses that we simply would not accept. The case was not going to be easy, and we knew that. But for our family, giving up was never an option. Through a referral, we found Maria Wormington. Maria not only rose to meet the challenge, she was able to negotiate a large settlement offer for our family. Maria and her staff were very dedicated to our cause and empathetic to the enormous pain of losing our family member. The staff was always willing to quickly answer questions and provided detailed updates throughout every phase. Maria was impressively very experienced in her understanding of medical practices and procedures, and an expert in the rules of law. No box was left unchecked. Her deep passion and fearless instinct to fight for justice is what every family deserves in an attorney. Maria believed in our case, and had the courage to go the distance for our sweet girl. “A ship is safe at harbor, but that’s not what ships are built for.”… Read more “Our family recently settled a”

    Such a great experience. Dealing with all the junk after an accident can be such a pain and Lennie Bollinger made it so easy. He took care of everything, was extremely nice and informative, Cathy was great too! He got me taken care of and got me more than I expected. Highly recommend… Read more “Lesli LaDuke”

    Lesli LaDuke

    Very happy with the help and services provided by Lennie. We hired him after having another attorney waste a year and a half not responding to our calls, emails, etc. making it very hard to trust a new attorney. Lennie was excellent with providing updates and responding to questions and emails. He assured us our cases would be settled in a timely manner and they were. So happy with the outcome and even more happy to finally be able to put it behind us. We would use Lennie Bollinger again and would absolutely recommend… Read more “Trisha Lueck”

    Trisha Lueck

    Excellent and highly skilled business lawyer. Mr. Bollinger has handled several legal matters for my company and I have always been impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking aggressive and effective… Read more “Andrew”


    Truely Professional Help. Lennie is a very capable attorney. He worked diligently on my case and kept me up to date as well as taking the time and patience to explain, in terms that I could understand, about any and all procedures. He is very professional in all respects. He is one great attorney and I am truly grateful that he was mine. Thank you… Read more “Anonymous”


    Using Lennie Bolilinger as our Attorney. Although we have not met in person, I feel as if I know Lennie on a personal basis. He always responded to my calls and emails , almost immediately, even on weekends. He is very personable and quite knowledgeable. Always answering our questions in a timely manner and working diligently on our behalf. I would hire Lennie at a moments notice and highly recommend him to anyone seeking an… Read more “Jim”


    Thank you for all of your hard work!!!! He helped me with an auto accident case. The trucking company that the semi driver worked for was going to completely dismiss me as someone they needed to work with on getting my car fixed even though the police report strongly indicated that the trucker was at fault. I tried to get the help of my insurance agent first and even they were completely unresponsive. I decided to get a lawyer involved. I couldn’t be happier that we chose to go with Lennie. Once he got involved the trucking company finally decided to pay for the damages to my car and to set me up in a rental. None of that would’ve been possible without Lennie. We really appreciate all of your hard work! Thank… Read more “Rebekah”


    Lennie Bollinger – highly recommended. Lennie is an amazing attorney. I always felt that I could trust him and that he had my best interest in mind. When we spoke / interacted, I also always felt like I was his only case and that I was the most important thing he was working on. He represented me well and I would highly recommend him to… Read more “Rick”


    Extremely Helpful and Professional Attorney. My Father and Brother were involved in a car accident with a tractor trailer in December of 2013. Their injuries were very severe and ultimately kept our family in the hospital and rehabilitation centers for about 8 months. During this emotionally draining journey we believed our insurance companies had the best intentions for our family. However, after a few months of communicating with them we discovered they were only trying to protect themselves and keep from helping us with medical bills. We reached out to Lennie and since then he has gone above and beyond to help our family during this trying time. He has been extremely knowledgeable concerning car insurance and Medicare laws and policies. Without his help we would not have received settlement money that was owed to us by the insurance companies that has been crucial in helping pay for the numerous medical bills. Lennie handled our case with compassion and care while continuously being very professional. He was easy to get in touch with and answered any questions we had along the way. Our family would highly recommend Lennie Bollinger and would not hesitate to use him… Read more “Tanna”


    Excellent service. My name is Pastor Louise N. this young man, has been a blessing to me, he came to me in a most difficult time, I had a bad wreck hit by a 18 wheeler truck, he did and excellent job on my case I recommend him to anyone in need of… Read more “Louise”


    Outstanding Attorney ! Lennie Bollinger has represented me on 3 separate occasions. He is very knowledable, professional, and attentative to details. I highly recommend him for all your legal… Read more “Anonymous”


    Awesome business lawyer. Lennie has handled over half a million dollars in receivables collections for our company. I’m continuously impressed with his diligence, legal knowledge, ability to work well with all types of people, and creativity when it comes to reaching resolution of complex issues. He has also represented us in several business matters in litigation. He takes a friendly yet aggressive approach with other lawyers that simply gets things done efficiently without wasting time. It’s apparent that his undergrad business degree gives him an edge over other attorneys when it comes to evaluating risk and effectively handling high stakes business litigation. I strongly recommend… Read more “Anonymous”


    Excellent lawyer. Lennie Bollinger is an excellent lawyer. You actually deal directly with him not an assistant or anyone else. He is caring, compassionate and very nice. He works hard to help you and does his best for you. He stays in constant contact and gets back with you in a timely manner. Works late hours and his days off if he needs… Read more “Anonymous”

    What a guy!. I have been fortunate to have Lennie represent My family and I twice on issues. He did an outstanding job in both cases and did what you want anybody that you do business with to do. He stayed in touch and kept us informed. He is the… Read more “Jeff”


    Great Lawyer Who Gets The Job Done. Lennie Bollinger was referred to my daughter and I after her car accident. At the time I almost chose not to even get a lawyer because I felt like it would be hopeless. After meeting with Mr. Bollinger we felt confident that he knew the laws and could get something done. Our goal was to just get what was deserved for my daughter after she was hit head on by a driver. My daughter would not be able to work for at least a year and there would be multiples surgeries to come. I also didn’t have time to keep up with the multitude of bills and statements from all the doctors, hospital, rehab center, and many more. Mr. Bollinger got all of our information and all I had to do was send him the bills as I got them and he took care of the rest. He dealt with the various insurance companies, hospitals, and collection agencies. He sent out the needed letters and made the phone calls. Within a few months the first part of the settlement was made and the second one will be finalized very soon. Mr. Bollinger got… Read more “Anonymous”


    Great Lawyer. I will say one thing, Lennie Bollinger helped me solve a case for my sister in law, he stayed on it with me till the end. Without his services I wouldn’t have been able to get her the help she needed. Thanks… Read more “Denise”


    Excellent Lawyer. I was involved in a terrible car accident that was not my fault, however I was blamed due to lack of witnesses. Me Bollinger took my case when no one else would and fought on my behalf. He was able to get me an appropriate ammount of money dispite the police report faulting me. I would recommend Mr Bollinger to anyone needing a fighter on their… Read more “Lowery”


    Very Grateful. Every one we talked to about our case told us no, that our type of case could not be won. We had given up hope. We were extremely grateful when Mr Bollinger contacted us about our accident, and even more excited when he called us and informed us of our… Read more “Stephen Pena”

    Stephen Pena

    Great Experience. We contacted Mr. Bollinger when the statute of limitations was almost past after a car accident we were in in 2011. He was very empathetic to our situation. He is a personal injury attorney and due to a personal situation we were in, took an interest in us to help us as best he could. During mediation, he fought to get the best settlement he could as well. He kept us informed of any progress taking place and when he spoke with us he gave us the best legal advice he could offer. He was upfront and honest with us from the first meeting with him. If we ever find that we need another PI attorney, Mr. Bollinger will be the first we… Read more “Stephanie”


    Excellent representation. I was in an accident in which a car had pretty much hit me straight on, while on my motorcycle; my bike was a total loss. When he walked into the conference room Lennie took a look at me and he could tell what I was feeling, and when he took the seat across the table and spoke, he began answering questions that were just forming in my head. He delivered the information to me in clear and simple ways. He and his staff worked hard and the outcome was very helpful to my situation. I would be able to continue with my life and not be set back from the total loss of my only… Read more “Keith”


    Great Service. Very happy with Mr. Bollinger. Always kept me informed every step of the way and he was very accessible for all of my many questions. My outcome was positive and I would recommend his services to… Read more “Rhonda”


    Excellent attorney. Our case was handled by an out of state attorney who sat on it for the better part of 2 years without actually accomplishing anything. Lennie agreed to pick up the case about 2 months before the lapse of the statute of limitations. We were impressed by Lennie when we met him at his office in McKinney. He explained the laws covering our case clearly and outlined a couple of strategies to follow depending on the results of depositions and responses from all parties involved. Once we gave him the go ahead he wasted no time contacting the other parties (defendant, insurance company, doctors …) and his paralegal helped us fill all the needed paperwork. We received regular progress updates from his office and was easy to reach whenever we had a question. We ended settling the case out of court to our satisfaction. Lennie is a professional who puts his client’s best interest above all and works hard to achieve the best possible outcome. If we ever need a lawyer in the future Lennie will be the one we go to… Read more “Charles”


    Very thoughful and thorough. Lennie was referred to us by another attorney who was unable to accept an additional case, which turned out to be a blessing. If you are looking for someone to handle your case I would look no further. He asked us to what extent that we wanted to be involved and our choice was as little as possible. He and his staff keep us informed throughout the process and presented us with different options and he was successful in helping us resolve our case. Thanks to Lennie and his professional staff for being there when we needed… Read more “John”


    Excellent attorney. If you are looking for a great attorney, I strongly recommend Lennie Bollinger. I was injured in an automobile accident in November 2014 and reached out to Lennie through a referral. My case was not settled quickly as I had to have surgery for a severe neck injury. To make matters worse, the person at fault was underinsured. Needless to say, I absolutely needed an attorney. Lennie was great throughout the process. He was very knowledgeable and professional. He answered all of my questions very quickly and was always very easily reached. He checked in with me often and notified me right away with any changes regarding my case. He represented me quite well and the trust that I bestowed upon him was well deserved. He was very honest with me throughout the process and equally as patient. I felt like he cared about my loss and did the best that he could to reach a fair settlement with my insurance company. I will definitely recommend him to others in… Read more “Kimberly”


    Great!! Mr Bollinger Is A very Good Attorney! He was at my begging call. He Gave me great Advice, That was very honest and was the best for me. He found Doctors, Got rides,Always answered my calls. He lead me right. I have recommended a few people to him and would do it over and over again. Thanks Lennie For helping me through my hard times. Your very kind,honest and made me feel comfortable in a stressful situation!! He even was concerned about how my family was coping throughout the whole ordeal. Once again thanks for being A phenomenal… Read more “Sonya”


    Excellent and Outstanding Service. I cannot say enough positive things about Lennie. He is a wonderful lawyer with great communication skills keeping his clients up-to-date and comfortable about the whole process. I was in a car wreck injuring my wrist and Lennie provided all the support needed during the experience. He took my case when it was a very risky one to take on and he delivered with flying colors. I highly recommend Lennie… Read more “Heather”


    Hiring Mr. Bollinger was the best decision I ever made after such a traumatic incident in my life! Having never been in a situation like this the best decision I made was hiring Mr. Bollinger. He made everything so easy to where I just worried about my health. I highly recommend him to all my friends and… Read more “Megan”


    Great help! My fiancé and I were in a wreck in January. A drunk driver hit us and we were showered with medical bills and a totaled car. Lennie and his amazing paralegal Cathy helped us SO much. I am SO happy to be done with all this. Lennie was very accommodating when we were confused and scared. We are so thankful for… Read more “Sara”


    What a pleasure to deal with Mr. Bollinger!!!! From the first time I was in touch with his office personnel until direct contact with him, it was effortless on my part. Being involved in an car accident, I thought I was lucky to have my car replaced without getting an attorney involved. BUT, after thinking that I was almost killed by this wreckless female, I decided to get a legal opinion. We e-mailed back and forth, a few phone calls and a judgment was obtained in short time with just a little effort on my part. I am thrilled I chose Lennie Bollinger to represent… Read more “Liz”


    Professional & Courteous. Mr.Bollinger was extremely knowledgeable and informative throughout our legal process. He always prioritized our best interest, and explained every detail! This legal experience went smoother than I… Read more “Anonymous”


    Great job done. Mr. Bollinger workes hard to settle my case as quickly as he could. I am very satisfied with the work he did. He got me a settlement that far exceeded what I thought I was going to get. He always kept me up to date with where the case was and what he was waiting on. While I am waiting for my settlement he made sure that I was taken care of and gave me advances to pay bills as I was not working at the time. I would recommend him to any family or… Read more “Jessica”


    Above and beyond. Lennie Bollinger was everything I would hope for in an attorney. He is personable and took a genuine interest in my case. In my opinion this enabled him to give me excellent advice tailored to my situation and his knowledge of the law and inner workings made it very easy to trust that he was working in my best interest. Both he and his assistant Cathy kept in communication with me and were available every step of the way. I’m glad I entrusted my case to Lennie and would do so again in the… Read more “Jennifer”


    The best personal injury attorney in Texas! I found Lennie on avvo immediately after a car accident in 2015. I wasn’t sure if I needed one, I didn’t think I was seriously hurt, but I was wrong. Turned out that I needed multiple treatments and have a lifelong injury. Lennie went above and beyond our contract to help me get the help I need, and get as much money as the other company would pay out. Thanks to his experience in other states, he was able to explain some of the limitations (I’m not a Texan) which really saved me the trouble of trying to figure it out myself. Not only that, but he was patient and had a good sense of humor! As a very demanding person, he did well managing my demands and moods without appearing frustrated with me or losing his temper. I’ve already recommended him to a friend, and hope this review helps you decide if he’s right for… Read more “Anonymous”


    Top Texas Lawyer. We had 2 car accidents within two years, through no fault of our own. We didn’t know where to begin as the bills started pouring in. I happened to run across a letter about Lennie and decided to give him a call. Best decision we ever made. He took the load off our shoulders and did everything to the best if his ability, in a timely manner. Exceeded our… Read more “Erlinda”


    simply the best attorney anyone could hope for. In December 2015 I was involved in a traffic accident. I chose Lennie to represent me in the lawsuit that ensued, which turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. It was very easy for me to trust Lennie to handle the case and thus put my mind at ease following the traumatic event, not only because of his professional knowledge and extensive network, but also his integrity exhibited and his dedication to his clients. Lennie anticipated my questions and concerns well before I raise them, and explained clearly every step and the potential outcomes along the way. Throughout the 18-month process I could reach Lennie whenever I had any questions, and felt as if my case was the most important one on his desk. Lennie’s sharp intuition as well as intellectual fortitude simply makes him the best personal injury attorney anyone could ask… Read more “Anonymous”


    Great attorney, highly recommend! Working with Lennie has been a pleasure. I got into my first ever car accident in March 2017 and it was pretty stressful. I heard about Lennie through a family member (who has used him on multiple occasions) and he had nothing but great things to say about him. I also read the great reviews online about him and immediately decided to hire him. In the beginning things were tough. I did not know what to expect and it was even more frustrating because the other driver was not admitting fault of any kind. The accident happened around 2 AM and there was only one witness that witnessed the accident. Somehow their information went missing between the police and the fire department. How the accident happened and how it looked to anyone not there at the time of the collision, it looked like I was 100% at fault. A totaled car, no witness, and the other driver not admitting fault while dealing with injuries… is enough to stress someone out COMPLETELY. Lennie was able to answer all of my questions and if he was not available Cathy was. In the beginning things were slow, and there… Read more “Aishe”


    Car Accident. Mr. Bollinger was able to get all my medical bills taken care of after I was rear ended in June. He explained what needed to be done and he did everything he said he would do. His staff was very kind and patient and answered any questions I… Read more “Kim”


    Help in a bad situation. I hired mr. Bollinger because I had previously had a different Law Firm working on behalf of my car accident. It was a really bad accident and there were a lot of doctor bills. However, the situation with the other law firm would have left me with nothing to show for the pain and suffering and I would continue to have the medical problems. I came to Mr. Bollinger with a mess he worked on it sorted it out. He was able to get a settlement and helped me with the situation. He took time and negotiated and worked on my behalf and I am forever grateful. There’s no other person I would trust to work on my behalf and get results. Thank you Mr. Bollinger for looking out for my best… Read more “Melody”


    Dime in dirt case. I had a terrible knee injury that devastated me and my family, emotionally and financially. We first did not believe there was much we could do on the case but Lennie told me that we do have a case and he was determined to get us out of that hard time. That’s exactly what he did. Gave us a dime in dirt case. He’s a great attorney and a people person. I will refer anyone who went through a bad accident, injury, or had a bad death to… Read more “Tyler”


    Lennie is second to none! My family was faced with a terrible auto accident that left me in a wheel chair for 6 months due to another drivers’ negligence. Mr. Bollinger was a source of great compassion, counsel and guidance for us. Lennie made himself available anytime he was needed and worked tirelessly to ensure that we were not taken advantage of by the defendants and more importantly, the major insurance companies! Lennie helped to guide us through the legal AND medical processes in their entirety. Situations like these can and do cause great stress for individuals and families alike and it was a great comfort for us knowing that Mr. Bollinger was representing us. We are very grateful to Lennie for all he has done for us. I highly recommend Lennie… Read more “Anonymous”


    Integrity and Efficiency. We hired Lennie through a recommendation of a friend and we feel fortunate to have him represented our case. Car accident is stressful for any family, Lennie’s persoanle approach and efficient strategy provided us with the needed support and the desired result. I highly recommend… Read more “Pei”


    Quiet but Effective. Upon meeting Mr Bollinger, and then after working with him over the past couple of years, it is true when they say you have to look out for the quiet ones. He may come across as a lamb, but definitely shows he is a lion. He goes the distance for the benefit of his client and has a keen understanding of the legal system. I highly recommend Mr Bollinger, just be sure to be patent with his… Read more “Cheryle”


    Lennie F. Bollinger did such a great job handling my case , I didn’t have to worry because I was taken care of and everything was done so professionally and smooth. No one wanted to take my case and deal with these over charging hospitals but lennie F. Bollinger did , If I had never gotten that letter in the mail I wouldn’t be financially stable. I couldn’t be more happy that my case is done with and solved with no… Read more “Anonymous”


    Very professional and compassionate. In May of 2016, I was being treated for a UTI and was given a Sulfa based antiobiotic. I developed a severe adverse reaction to the drug and was diagnosed with Stevens Johnson Syndrome. I was online researching Stevens Johnson Syndrome and I came across an ad regarding representation if you feel you were injured. I was given the contact information for Lennie. From the beginning, Lennie was very easy to work with and was very understanding with my situation. I suffer from anxiety and remembering the events of that time of my life is always very emotional draining for me. But Lennie worked with me and when I was not well he would contact my husband to get information. My husband and I really appreciated his thoroughness and honesty regarding my case. We were very happy that we had the chance to meet him in person at a mediation in Los Angeles. I would highly recommend him to anyone that has a personal injury case. He is smart, professional and most of all a compassionate and understanding lawyer. I am grateful for all the hard work he put into my… Read more “Joanna”


    Expert and Professional. He was hired to assist me with a personal injury incident. My first contact was by phone; he listened, explained, educated, instilled confidence; but mostly he was kind, understanding, attentive and honest. Lennie and his staff were very sincere and inspired confidence for the year we communicated. My case was resolved successfully and to my satisfaction and gratitude. I would highly recommend Lennie to family and… Read more “Shirley”


    Great experience, low stress, amazing results! Such a great experience. Dealing with all the junk after an accident can be such a pain and Lennie Bollinger made it so easy. He took care of everything, was extremely nice and informative, Cathy was great too! He got me taken care of and got me more than I expected. Highly recommend… Read more “Lesli”


    Mr. Bollinger is an honest, ethical and experienced attorney who strives to work for the best interest of his clients! I consulted Mr. Bollinger about 4 months after a serious slip and fall injury. I did not intend to hire an attorney, but wanted to work with the liability insurance company to settle the claim. It was not until I underwent two major surgeries and lost my job that I decided to retain counsel. About four months after retaining Mr. Bollinger, I underwent a third surgery. Mr. Bollinger is exceptionally understanding, compassionate, and worked tirelessly on my behalf. A slip and fall is not an automatic guarantee of a recovery in any accident, but the circumstances that caused my fall were such that he took my case. He is incredibly patient and explained everything in detail. I am grateful that I found an attorney who is ethical and honest, two characteristics I highly value. He has extensive experience in personal injury litigation and I would recommend him to anyone with a legitimate personal injury… Read more “Carol”


    Very professional and compassionate. I reached out to Lennie due to a car accident I was involved in that left me with a badly broken wrist and over a year’s worth of medical bills and ongoing therapy. From the get-go Lennie was extremely compassionate and caring. Every time I met with him, whether it was in person or via phone/text he always laid out the expectations of how the case would go. Lennie is very responsive, many times he would contact me while he was on vacation to see how I was feeling or if he needed some information for the case. I couldn’t be happier with the result of the settlement and I would highly recommend Lennie and his… Read more “Ashley”


    After contacting a half-dozen of law firms, in which I discussed the synopsis of my wife’s case, Maria was the only one who agreed to setup a follow-up appointment for a face-to-face assessment of the circumstances. Maria and her staff dug-in to the available documents and did an initial review of the case, afterwards she informed me that she found validity in the case, and was willing to proceed. A lawsuit was filed and eventually the case was resolved. If you feel that you or your love-one has unjustly suffered at the hands of a bungling dr, please let me advise you to keep your expectations realistic, especially if the case is in Texas. Why Texas?… “Texas is a state now known for tort reform. As part of this tort reform, several limits have been placed on the damages those injured by medical malpractice can receive.”, this is the main reason the other lawyers that I’ve talked to, told me why they did not want to take on a medical malpractice case in Texas. Don’t hate the lawyers, the Texas tort reform laws are intended to protect, not the patient rites, but the dr’s, with the result of having a… Read more “Art Dominguez”

    Art Dominguez

    The Wormington and Bollinger team were amazing to work with. They went above and beyond for my case. I was always informed on what was going on, and my questions and concerns were always addressed in a timely and professional manner. I would recommend this team and definitely use them again if the need ever arises. Thank you so much for all your help when I needed… Read more “Misty Zeigler”

    Misty Zeigler

    If you want results Wormington and Bollinger is the place to go ! My case was so difficult, but Maria and the whole team were kind and professional, and they know their business ! During the time of a great sadness in my life, I knew I didnt have to worry, because in the legal arena, they had my back. Thanks Maria and everyone for all that you have done ! May God Bless you as you continue to fight for justice in this world of many injustices ! Kim… Read more “Matthew Peyton”

    Matthew Peyton

    My patient loved visiting all the shops on the… Read more “Peggy Wheeler”

    Peggy Wheeler

    I had Lennie work on my case and he and his team were able to work out a great settlement for me. I was skeptical at first since I am not in the same city, but everything went… Read more “Maite Moya”

    maite moya

    Maria wormington went above and beyond to help me with my case. I would use her again if needed and I will recommend her to anyone that needs a… Read more “Ricke Martin”

    Ricke Martin

    Best firm in every way possible! Trust them to stand by you, should you need their… Read more “Seth Bigony”

    Seth Bigony
    Margarita Garcia

    Lennie and his team was able to assist with a case in a very professional and timely… Read more “Mo Iqbal”

    Mo Iqbal

    It is never easy after the loss of a loved one, but especially so through the negligence of others. Our case had been turned down by a larger firm because they felt it was not worth their while; however, Ms. Wormington and her staff helped us through the difficult litigation process with real compassion and caring. She and her staff are true professionals, and are very knowledgeable in their fields of expertise. If it were not for her unique knowledge and skill set, along with her tenacity, we would never have reached a settlement in order to be compensated for the loss of our loved one. Thank… Read more “Anonymous”


    I would like to thank you and your staff for all the work they did on my case. Like you, they are very diligent in their duties. They have always taken the time to calm me down and answer my questions. They never hesitated to tell me that they would have to get the answer I needed and they would call back as promised. I would highly recommend you and your staff to all who are in need of a Great Attorney. You and they are a credit to your profession and firm. Thank… Read more “Holly”


    Mr. Fuentes’ Customer/client review. Mr. Bollinger was very helpful and managed to get to the root of the problem with insurance company and get the claim settled and debts paid owed by my mother. The accident we were involved in was supposed to be a simple thing to resolve but the insurance company ended up holding payments on a legitimate claim. We had to get an attorney to finally get good results and resolve payment issues. Mr. Bollinger did the legwork and we never had any trouble once he was contacted and his firm took over the case. Many thanks to him for his help. I would certainly recommend him and Wormington &… Read more “Domingo”


    Incredible Attorney. Lennie was my attorney for a personal injury case. I have worked with a lot of different attorneys in my day, but Lennie has to be among the best. His communication skills are superb and he gets results. Within a matter of months, my case was successfully settled and he kept me posted every step of the way. I cannot remember when I have seen a harder working individual — attorney or otherwise. I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking such… Read more “Elizabeth”


    I was hoping I would NEVER need a lawyer due to a car accident, but then the day came…. On Nov 13, 2011 I was hit head on with my kids and dog in the car. My 2 year old SUV was totaled and my daughter shattered her elbow and broke a bone in her arm as well. A law firm on the floor where I work, suggested that I talk to Lennie who works for the Wormington Law Group. He came up to my office to discuss why it might be a good idea to hire an attorney because of the injuries my daughter sustained. I decided to go ahead and use Lennie, as he was easy to talk to, wasn’t pushy and came with good recommendations. My daughter ended up having not one but two surgeries, months of physical therapy, and will never regain full use of her arm. Turns out that the guy who hit me only had the minimum $30k in coverage…great! It took months for Lennie to compile all of the necessary bills and paperwork from Dr’s, hospitals etc. I wouldn’t hear from him for weeks, and I got a little frustrated at times. But,… Read more “Denise”


    Lennie F. Bollinger with Wormington Law Group. From day one Mister Lennie F. Bollinger from Wormington Law Group has been there for us in this difficult situation. First day we meet, he welcomed us to their office, he was very kind and professional, he took his time and explained us the whole process in details very clearly so that we would understand everything. From the beginning, he showed us that he is on our side, that he cares, and that he will try to do the best for us and fight for us. During the whole process we could see that he has a great heart and that he truly cares about us as his clients and about our well being. He would very often call us to check on us to see how we are doing, which made us feel much better and much safer, knowing that our attorney cares about us and that he is not only concerned about his commission like many others. He would always answer his phone with any questions or concerns that we might have had. He would always make sure that we see the best and most experienced physicians to get the best… Read more “Anonymous”


    Maria and her staff were wonderful to work with. If we called for any reason, we were helped right away. They worked very hard for our case and it ended amicably. We appreciate them very much. Thanks… Read more “GS & TR”

    GS & TR

    Want to take the time to thank Maria. Thank you so much for bring peace into my life for make justice for my daughter Ninnah. When sevral attorneys said they couldn’t help me you went beyond every circumstance to make justice for her. I thank God he put you in my path because you are the only one that helped me when I was going through this horrible time of my life. In behalf of my family we want to Thank You and your staff for all your help. God Bless… Read more “Cynthia”


    My Father and Brother were involved in a car accident with a tractor trailer in December of 2013. Their injuries were very severe and ultimately kept our family in the hospital and rehabilitation centers for about 8 months. During this emotionally draining journey we believed our insurance companies had the best intentions for our family. However, after a few months of communicating with them we discovered they were only trying to protect themselves and keep from helping us with medical bills. We reached out to Lennie and since then he has gone above and beyond to help our family during this trying time. He has been extremely knowledgeable concerning car insurance and Medicare laws and policies. Without his help we would not have received settlement money that was owed to us by the insurance companies that has been crucial in helping pay for the numerous medical bills. Lennie handled our case with compassion and care while continuously being very professional. He was easy to get in touch with and answered any questions we had along the way. Our family would highly recommend Lennie Bollinger and would not hesitate to use him… Read more “Anonymous”


    I wanted to take this time to send a message to Maria Wormington & her staff. As we prepare this week for moving forward with depositions in Kenny’s case I wanted to thank you [paralegal] for all of the work that has been put into this. Our lives have been a rollercoaster of emotions and physical demands the last few years since our journey began with Kenny and the complications from surgery. Before we had received a response from your office agreeing to speak with us regarding our potential case, I had all but given up hope to find an attorney willing to take that leap to help us at least get answers for what took place the day of his… Read more “Jennifer Strodtman”

    Jennifer Strodtman

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