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Medical Devices Overview

Medical devices overview

The attorneys at Wormington & Bollinger offer a free consultation for complex medical device cases—let us help you get the justice you deserve.

Advances in technology have offered many benefits for healthcare diagnosis and treatment. Medical devices can be used to restore a patient’s mobility and even save a person’s life. While many patients have positive results using medical devices, there is also a risk of potential complications if a device malfunctions.

If you or a loved one has been harmed, then it’s time to reach out to a medical device attorney to learn more about your legal options. These healthcare professionals hold the liability to protect patients and provide quality outcomes. If something goes wrong, then you might be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries.

What You Need to Know: Risks Associated with Medical Devices

Even though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States maintains strict regulations for monitoring and approving medical devices, there are times when unsafe devices end up on the market. While the FDA’s goal is to protect people, manufacturing issues can occur that result in serious medical consequences.

A medical device’s failure or malfunction can cause an individual’s injury. Sometimes, the complications are minor. However, other patients experience severe side effects or complications that can have a life-changing impact. The risks are serious, especially when the injury limits a person’s mobility or causes permanent damage.

  • Medical Device Defects: 
    Even if the assembly and manufacturing are accurate, there could be a flaw in the device that causes failure and resulting harm to the patient. For example, if a component has a slight change in the dimensions, then it could have a serious consequence on how the device performs. Another example of a defect is if the manufacturer used substandard materials that decreased the quality of the device.
  • Medical Device Malfunctions:
    A defective medical device means that the product was manufactured according to the design, but it failed to perform as intended. A malfunction can occur if a contaminant got into the device and causes harm to a patient. Or, it’s possible that a device was working properly, then the function failed for some reason.

If medical device defects or malfunctions occur, then there might be FDA warnings or FDA recalls to take these products off the market. Examples of medical devices that have a history of failure include joint implants, surgical instruments, pacemakers, internal mesh, contraceptives, hearing aids, prosthetic devices, and more.

Understanding Your Legal Rights for Medical Device Injury

If you or a loved one has been injured, then it’s time to consider your options for a device malfunction lawsuit. Not only do you need financial resources to help with your recovery and ongoing medical treatments, but many patients suffer financial challenges due to loss of work, pain, and suffering. 

The best thing you can do is talk to a medical device attorney to establish liability in the case. The manufacturer might hold product liability, or it’s possible that the failure of a medical device could be caused by the doctor or other healthcare expert using the device.

Why You Should Talk to a Personal Injury Attorney

One of the best decisions you will make is to hire a medical device attorney for assistance. Navigating a medical settlement on your own is a bad idea because most patients don’t have the experience or knowledge necessary to build their cases properly.

You need to be working with an attorney who understands the best strategies for proving liability and documenting your injuries. Then, a strong lawsuit can be filed to maximize the amount of compensation available.

At Wormington & Bollinger, we are here to offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your device malfunction lawsuit. We invite you to contact us at your convenience to book an appointment and learn more about your legal options. The earlier you seek legal support, the better the potential outcome for your case.

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