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Allopurinol / Zyloprim


If you’ve suffered from Allopurinol/Zyloprim-related injuries, our attorneys can help you secure the justice you deserve for your adverse reactions.

Have you or a loved one taken Zyloprim (or the generic version known as Allopurinol) and experienced a prescription drug injury from using this medication? Then it’s time to talk to an experienced prescription drug attorney to learn more about your options for filing a Zyloprim lawsuit.

At Wormington & Bollinger, we are here to assist with your case – helping you access the compensation and justice that you deserve. Unfortunately, there are people across the country injured by this prescription drug. We understand how much a prescription drug injury can change your life, which is why you deserve to have an advocate fight for your file case.

Risks Associated with Allopurinol/Zyloprim

Zyloprim, also known as Allopurinol, is a common prescription medication used for patients with gout. This medication treats hyperuricemia (excess uric acid in the blood), which can alleviate the symptoms associated with gout. Additionally, the medication is also used for treating protozoal infections and kidney stones. 

While some patients take Zyloprim without any negative side effects, there can be some serious consequences from using this prescription medication. Some of the most common and severe side effects include:

  • Skin Reactions:
    If the skin starts blistering and is painful, then it might be the result of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) from the use of Allopurinol. This skin condition is not only uncomfortable but can cause serious damage if left untreated. It causes the top layer of skin to peel away.
  • Allergic Reactions:
    While allergic reactions are rare, some patients experience allergic responses to this medication. Symptoms of an allergic reaction might include skin rashes or anaphylaxis.
  • Kidney Problems:
    This medication can sometimes cause kidney damage. Watch for signs of kidney problems, such as blood in the urine, a change in the frequency of urination, increased thirst, loss of appetite, or a swelling of the lower legs and feet.

If you have experienced any of these severe side effects, then consider talking to our team about filing a Zyloprim lawsuit.


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