by wormingtonlega

Excellent attorney. Our case was handled by an out of state attorney who sat on it for the better part of 2 years without actually accomplishing anything. Lennie agreed to pick up the case about 2 months before the lapse of the statute of limitations. We were impressed by Lennie when we met him at his office in McKinney. He explained the laws covering our case clearly and outlined a couple of strategies to follow depending on the results of depositions and responses from all parties involved. Once we gave him the go ahead he wasted no time contacting the other parties (defendant, insurance company, doctors …) and his paralegal helped us fill all the needed paperwork. We received regular progress updates from his office and was easy to reach whenever we had a question. We ended settling the case out of court to our satisfaction. Lennie is a professional who puts his client’s best interest above all and works hard to achieve the best possible outcome. If we ever need a lawyer in the future Lennie will be the one we go to first.