How to Spot a Drunk Driver on the Road

by Wormington & Bollinger

One fourth (23.4%) of all drunk drivers are between the ages of 21 and 25

How to Spot a Drunk Driver on the Road Wormington & BollingerRideshare services like Uber and Lyft have changed the way in which we think about transportation, often providing a safe option in a time of need. Although these rideshare services are extremely popular, we still have a very serious problem with drunk driving in this country.

Unfortunately, people still make the poor decision to get behind the wheel of their car after having a couple of drinks. This not only puts themselves at risk, but their passengers, other motorists, and pedestrians as well. Drunk driving accidents often result in serious injuries and death, which is why we thought it would be helpful to go over some of the possible drunk driver behaviors. If you spot a drunk driver, be sure and call 911 right away. In the event you are involved in a car accident with a drunk driver, please contact Wormington & Bollinger today to learn about your rights.

Drunk Driving Statistics 

The following drunk driving statistics were provided by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving):

  • On average, a person has driven upwards of 80 times while intoxicated before getting caught
  • Almost one fourth (23.4%) of all drunk drivers are between the ages of 21 and 25
  • Men are nearly twice as likely to drive drunk than women
  • There are more drunk drivers on the roads at night and during the weekends

Top Signs of Drunk Driving 

The National Highway and Transportation Association (NHTSA) has compiled a list of drunk driver behaviors to help police officers spot these individuals. According to this list, the following are signs of drunk driving:

  • Failure to turn on headlights at night
  • Sudden turning
  • Illegal turning
  • Turning with a wide radius
  • Almost hitting other vehicles of objects
  • Erratic braking
  • Failure to stay in the proper lane
  • Swerving, drifting, or weaving
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Driving in the middle of the road
  • Delayed response to traffic signals
  • Driving slower than speed limit
  • Tailgating
  • Driving with face close to windshield
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Failure to properly signal

What to do if you spot a drunk driver  

If you notice a driver appears to be impaired, the first thing you should do is remain at a distance from them and get information about their vehicle, but only if you can do so safely. Once you’ve collected information and made a mental note of where they were headed, pull over and call 911.

Regardless of how safe of a driver you are, accidents happen. You never know if someone else is driving while intoxicated, texting, talking on the phone, or doing something else that takes their attention from the road. Drive defensively and be aware of your surroundings. In the unfortunate event you are involved in an accident with a drunk driver in Dallas, contact Wormington & Bollinger to schedule a free consultation.