Art Dominguez

by wormingtonlega

After contacting a half-dozen of law firms, in which I discussed the synopsis of my wife’s case, Maria was the only one who agreed to setup a follow-up appointment for a face-to-face assessment of the circumstances. Maria and her staff dug-in to the available documents and did an initial review of the case, afterwards she informed me that she found validity in the case, and was willing to proceed. A lawsuit was filed and eventually the case was resolved. If you feel that you or your love-one has unjustly suffered at the hands of a bungling dr, please let me advise you to keep your expectations realistic, especially if the case is in Texas. Why Texas?… “Texas is a state now known for tort reform. As part of this tort reform, several limits have been placed on the damages those injured by medical malpractice can receive.”, this is the main reason the other lawyers that I’ve talked to, told me why they did not want to take on a medical malpractice case in Texas. Don’t hate the lawyers, the Texas tort reform laws are intended to protect, not the patient rites, but the dr’s, with the result of having a higher number of dr’s, with the consequence of having a lower ratio of dr’s with an at least an “adequate” level of medical expertise (i.e. quantity over quality).
Thank you Maria & your staff.