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Wormington & Bollinger is a full service law firm providing aggressive and compassionate representation for a wide range of legal issues. Our experienced and dedicated attorneys specialize in cases of medical negligence and malpractice, business litigation, and personal injury, with special emphasis on dangerous drugs and medical devices.

At Wormington & Bollinger, we believe you should have the best legal representation possible. Whether you have been the victim of a medical error, suffered an injury from a dangerous product, or have a business or contractual dispute, our legal team is here to help you find justice, compensation and the peace and closure you desire.

Our attorneys have unique and exceptional backgrounds in a wide range of legal areas, and each of our experienced lawyers is deeply passionate about their clients and areas of expertise. Combining big-city experience with small-town attitude and commitment to to each and every client, we work with respect, dignity, and professionalism to understand and forcefully litigate each of our cases.

Wormington & Bollinger is headquartered in McKinney, Texas, and serves clients locally across the North Texas and DFW areas, as well as nationally in major cities all across the United States. Wherever you’re located, the team at Wormington & Bollinger is dedicated to understanding your unique circumstances and fighting on your behalf.

Not only do we treat each client with respect and believe in taking the time to understand each case, we offer free consultations and superb service that won’t break the bank. To learn more about our team of attorneys, practice areas, and to hear from some of our past clients, please visit additional links on our page. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about our services, the legal process, or to set up a free consultation by phone at 972-569-3930.

Wormington & Bollinger
From day one Mr. Lennie F. Bollinger from Wormington & Bollinger has been there for us in this difficult situation. First day we meet, he welcomed us to their office, he was very kind and professional, he took his time and explained us the whole process in details very clearly so that we would understand everything. From the beginning, he showed us that he is on our side, that he cares, and that he will try to do the best for us and fight for us. During the whole process we could see that he has a great heart and that he truly cares about us as his clients and about our well being. He would very often call us to check on us to see how we are doing, which made us feel much better and much safer, knowing that our attorney cares about us and that he is not only concerned about his commission like many others. He would always answer his phone with any questions or concerns that we might have had. He would always make sure that we see the best and most experienced physicians to get the best health advice to get better. He would also help us with any problems that we have encountered scheduling any of those doctor’s appointments. He would gave us the best legal advice possible and to show us that he is staying on top of it and that he is trying to do the best out of this difficult situation. Mr. Lennie F. Bollinger has been great to us, he has been a great person and great attorney and we would highly recommend him to anyone in those difficult situations!!!